Posted Thursday, Dec 16

Enjou's Christmas Wreath and its Historical Importance:

The wreath has become a holiday tradition, but where did it all begin? There are a number of reasons and cultural practices surrounding this symbol, but one of the first was used in ancient Greece and Rome. The use of a wreath as a personal adornment began with Apollo, Zeus' son and the god of light, as a symbol of his unrequited love for a nymph. He wore the wreath as a symobolic reminder of his desires. The wreath is also used as an advent tra... Continued
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Posted Monday, Nov 22

Move over Old Saint Nick!

Here comes Hanukkah Harry! He's like Santa Claus...only different. Brand new to the Enjou Chocolat line-up, this little guy has been flying off of our shelves here in the store and we are now offering it online! Buy one for yourself or loved ones this Chanukah Season! Also, search for our complete line of Chanukah chocolates including:Dreidel, Gelt, Chocolate Menorah and more...
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Posted Wednesday, Oct 27

Day of the Dead: Dia de los Muertos

This is both a rich, cultural tradition as well as something very new here at Enjou Chocolat. We took an age-old holiday and put our own chocolatey spin on it. It all started for us when Enjou was commissioned to make chocolate skull favors for David Tutera's show on WEtv, "My Fair Wedding". His bride on the show, Katie, had a dream to put on her very own Day of the Dead Wedding! We made white chocolate skulls initially for the show, but then dec... Continued
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Posted Saturday, Jul 24

Choosing Chocolate Wedding Favors

What would your wedding be without your friends and family present to share in your happiness? Favors are your opportunity to express your gratitude to them for participating in the celebration, and chocolate a perfect way to do that. Traditionally connected with love and romance, chocolate is an edible gift that will provide your guests with a sweet memory. Chocolate favor options encompass a wider range than you’d think. Here at Enjou Cho... Continued
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Posted Thursday, Jul 1

How to Make a Hot Fudge Sundae

Enjou makes the world's best hot fudge sauce, using our 25-year-old secret recipe that will satisfy all your your chocolate fantasies. Enjou's heavenly hot fudge is perfect for all flavors of ice cream, and also tastes delicious as a topping for cheesecake.

Hot fudge is a delicous mixture of butter, heavy cream, sugar, and cocoa power. On a hot summer day, few things taste better than a hot fudge sundae. What, don't know how to make o... Continued
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