The Wrath of Mother Nature and Organic Truffles

The Wrath of Mother Nature and Organic Truffles

We've long since given up trying to predict how one product will sell at a show from one venue to the next, one year to the next or even from one day to the next.

When we set up for the two day Fine Arts Show in Garrison NY Saturday, August 21 - we had our usual array of gourmet confections which ranged from Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Truffles to Peanut Butter Cups. The first day at the show was a wonderful success with great weather and a fantastic view of West Point Military Academy right across the Hudson River. Thousands of people milled about - and many of our confections such as our Grown Up Peanut Butter Cups, Adirondack Bark & Chocolate Dipped Fruit sold out before the end of the day.

Day 2 however, provided a much different scenario. We arrived in driving rain, opened in driving rain, and watched the river rise and swell with white caps so large you could surf on them (well, sort of). Midday, the rain let up for an hour or so, which allowed a small window of opportunity for shoppers to mill about without umbrellas or other rain gear. By 2:30pm, fair organizers ran through the fair warning of a "small thunderstorm cell" assuring us it should only last for 15 minutes before the skies would clear. As many vendors prepared for the worse - and others bailed for home - the storm rolled in. The 15-minute storm lasted 60 minutes, and the river, which rolled by only 20-feet away, seemed to grow with every minute - until streams of water flowed through the fairgrounds and puddles as large as swimming pools upended stakes and sent even the hardiest vendors running for cover.

But the shoppers still came. And they still bought. And as they swam through our booth (which could have been much worse had we not laid out an outdoor carpet), they all seemed to want our Elite Truffles made with all organic ingredients. When I complimented our customers on their endurance, none of them seemed to understand the big deal. It was only rain. And lightning. And gale force winds.

That was when it occurred to us that these hardy people who would not run scared from Mother Nature actually embraced her. We sold more boxes of Elite Truffles that second day than at any other fair we have done to date.

As for us, we were soaked as the rain continued to pour down while we broke down and drove home. But we learned that the heartiest of souls will not be daunted by something so trivial as weather.
Posted Monday, Aug 23  |  by Barkeater Chocolates

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