Valentine's Gift

The History of Valentine's Day explains that in the early 1800’s Valentine cards, exchanged as messages of love, became popular. Many men today would say their sweetie’s heart has loomed expectant on February 14th ever since. “But what do I do for a Valentine’s gift?!?” men implore loudly in the streets and alleyways.

Wipe the sweat from your brow, dear one, for has come to your rescue! Let’s face it. Every woman secretly longs to be told how thin & beautiful she looks, and every woman secretly longs for chocolate. A dichotomy to be sure, but a true one none the less. To be a pleasing gent, simply address both secret longings. Give her lots of chocolate, and when she comes around to saying something about calories or the fat-building potential of the chocolate, just tell her she could never look or be anything but thin & beautiful to you. Case closed, you’re a winner.

Now, selection is everything. Proceed immediately to the Valentine’s Day Gifts category of your newly found favorite bookmark, The Cherry Cordial is a fun way to crunch your way to chocolate heaven. With a description that says “hand drizzled with chocolate” about 24 times, this could be your ticket.

This 12 Piece Collection is totally organic, and made in small batches with only the finest of local ingredients. You can tell her you selected only the best just for h e r.

The nouveau wave of the artisan foodies is … are you ready? Brownies! So you can be sweet, thoughtful, and hip when you give her Cherry Liqueur Brownies. These Bellasanti brownies start with dried cherries that are marinated for several weeks in the finest cherry Heering liqueur, then mixed with pure dark chocolate and pecans for the richest, fudgiest taste imaginable. And you are the smart guy that gave this awesome Valentine’s gift!

So order early, and order wide. Remember your sweetie first, but don’t forget Mom, Mother-in-Law (if you are so blessed) and your children, no matter their age. Sisters love to be remembered, and will appreciate your thoughtful gesture. Bottom line: if you love a lady from age 3 to 103, present her with the best Valentine’s gift, chocolate from