Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Let me guess, you aren't having a White Christmas this year, and you didn't last year either. There won't be one next year, or the next, or the next, or the year after that thank you very much. So here's a unique Christmas gift idea. Just give your friends their own White Christmas.

Your unique Christmas gift idea of creating a White Christmas begins at After all. is the must-see of the chocolate world! World class master chocolatiers sell their award winning creations on

The White Chocolate category is stuffed as full as a good little girl's stocking on Christmas morning. Your job is to choose several of these white chocolate items, and then arrange them in a nice white basket.

Perhaps you could start with these beautiful Classic Chocolate Swans. They look great and taste even better, and they are available in bulk as well as in the gift box.

Next would come Cookies and Cream Bark. Pure white chocolate and Oreo Brand cookies are an American classic. Now this is one of those items that everyone loves, and just might fight over! For safety's sake, think seriously about your quantity needs before you order, because you really don't want to run out.

Finally, knock their socks off with the crowning jewel: a 3 Lb White Chocolate Cheesecake! It has a chocolate cookie crust, the luscious white chocolate cheesecake of course, and it's topped with white chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate spider web design. It serves 12.

Now assemble all your white chocolate items into your white basket, and prop everything up with a little white tissue paper or shred. Tie a glistening white satin bow on the top, then stand back and admire your work. You've taken the most unique Christmas gift idea and given your family or friend a genuine White Christmas. Even Irving Berlin would be proud.

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