The Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain is today's rage du jour in the party world. There is nary a debutante, a bride and groom, or a group of charity socialites that haven't had the chocolate fountain front and center at their soiree. You're not familiar with the chocolate fountain? Then come on out of that basement and join the world. Imagine a miniature Niagra Falls in the round, with chocolate instead of water. Or a bubbling fountain in the city park and yes, you've got it. It's bubbling chocolate.

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An exceedingly wide range of chocolate fountain choices is available at the marketplace. Whether you are interested in learning about the culinary equipment, just browsing the fountains, or seriously shopping in order to purchase, you will be pleasantly pleased with

Starting at the top with chocolate fountains are the real workhorses of the professional circuit. Costing ten thousand dollars and up, these are typically the tallest and widest stainless steel and dishwasher safe models that you will see. Their heating elements are double core and are encased in aluminum. Multi-tiered, lifetime warranted, and affectionately nicknamed "chocolate mountain," these are definitely serious business.

However, a princely fortune isn't required to break into the chocolate fountain market. A mid-sized, mid-priced fountain can be found in the $500 range. It is suitable for small catered events and is approved for light-duty commercial use. This stainless steel wonder also has an automatic thermostat that constantly maintains it's ideal temperature.

A budget-conscious shopper can make some real steals in today's market. If you'd like a chocolate fountain for occasional use, and you don't plan on knocking down the door with guests diving in all at once, a fountain in the $40 to $50 range can be found. It will be smaller, and will operate with an auger-style instead of having a pump. But you still have the convenience of easy disassembly and dishwasher safety.

If none of these chocolate fountains float your boat, take solace in the fact that Las Vegas still has Elvis, quickie weddings, and amazing chocolate. In fact, the most amazing may be the Bellagio's 27 Ft. Chocolate Fountain. It is the world's tallest, and it pumps close to 2 tons of chocolate in it's climate controlled enclosure. It features white, milk and dark chocolate cascading down, down, down. As if from heaven. Well, where does chocolate come from?