Send Chocolate

Thank you. Two simple words that convey gratitude to a giver. But have you ever wished that you had a really special way, a signature way, of expressing your feelings of thanks? O Magazine's "The Secret To Living Well" describes the details of one of Oprah's friend's personal style. What's interesting is that his way coincides with that of many of's most stylish customers! So what's the answer? What's the secret? It's simple. Chocolate is the answer.

Some scenarios? There are so many! You've received the most thoughtful gift from your best friend since 4th grade. How do you thank her? SEND CHOCOLATE. A Dark Chocolate with Rosewater Chocopologie Bar is intense and rich, and also delicately blended with rose buds. A unique girlish thank you token will be just the perfect thing.

A dinner party with friends catching up with each other's lives. You want to thank the host and hostess for their gracious hospitality. What to do to say thank you? Of course, SEND CHOCOLATE. The Dark Chocolate Traveler is named for it's exotic ingredients from around the world. It will be a great surprise and a memory for them as well.

Traveling is so much better when you have dear friends that open their home to you. You've spent a week with your college buddy, and the thank you has to be good. You have to SEND CHOCOLATE, and lots and lots of it! Romanico's Chocolate in Miami, Florida creates the one and only Grande Box, and it's a real stunner. It's a museum's worth of artful chocolate, each piece an individual. Just like all the kids were for that whole week they spent together.

So make it easy on yourself, remember for every thoughtful 'thank you' you send. Browse the Send Chocolate section so you'll be prepared. You will be personal, appreciated, and best of all, you'll have your own signature style.