Romanicos Chocolate

Alejandra is a gourmet chocoholic who decided to create her own brand of truffles, since nothing of what was available in the market fulfilled her high quality expectations. She wanted to revive that lusty, dark, creamy taste of her childhood in Venezuela, -the country produces of one of the highest quality cocoa beans in the world- and her grandmother love for luxurious, original and top of the world chocolate desserts.So Alejandra tried out her creations on friends and gave them as gifts. Over time, complete strangers started contacting her to try her truffles. As her circle of friends grew, she decided to incorporate new tastes and textures. Word spread and demand became such that it was becoming far too expensive to continue giving them away, and so a business was born.When it became necessary to choose a name, after much thought and discussion, it was decided inspired in an Spain art movement that blossomed in the XI and XII Centuries. This style is known by its simplicity and elegance and in the usage of different icons, in which they excel the playful and erotic subjects.And so Romanicos Gourmet Chocolates was born.


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