Putting a Spin on Tradition

These five recipes allow you to combine creativity with tradition as they offer more elegant, refined flavors with little extra effort. Each dessert begins with a familiar base or flavor pairing, and proceeds with a makeover or flavor twist. Profiteroles with Pumpkin Ice Cream and a Warm Chocolate Sauce offer a clever spin not only on the classic French dessert, but also on homestyle pumpkin pie. However, the more complex flavor notes do not necessarily mean much more intricate preparation. For example, in the Apple-prune Crumb Cake Squares, the mere addition of prunes gives the cake squares a more sophisticated taste. The same is true of the Individual White Chocolate Cheesecakes with Cranberry Compote, whose plated presentation will invariably impress guests. At once subtle and daring, these desserts demonstrate that novel recipes do not translate to a loss of tradition. If you are looking to spice up or add a touch of elegance to your holiday menu, we hope you find some inspiration here. Your guests will undoubtedly admire - and quickly devour - the results.