Puff Pastry in a Flash

While we can't change your hectic schedule, we can give you simpler, yet equally impressive recipes that can be made in much less time with only six ingredients.

The rules to baking with six ingredients or fewer are to work smart, not hard, and with good ingredients. We've used puff pastry, that master of culinary multi-tasking, in our recipes, thus eliminating the need to make your own temperamental pie, cookie, or tart dough. It is easy to use, extremely versatile, and produces consistent results. We've also used store-bought sauces. We understand the irony of using store-bought products in a dessert magazine, but sometimes it is necessary to cut a few corners. When buying store-bought items for desserts, splurge on the best quality items you can find.

The second key to easy baking is using high-quality ingredients. The better your ingredients, the less you have to do to them to make them taste good. For example, a high-quality puff pastry requires little effort to transform it into a delicious crunchy cookie; ripe, fresh fruit doesn't need to be over-dressed with sauces and sweeteners to make it gourmet. Let the most flavorful ingredients do the work for you. All of these recipes are fast and easy,  and can be made a day in advance.  Because they require just six ingredients, you'll be able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family and friends, and never have to make that last-minute drive to the bakery again.

Glazed Puff Pastry Apple Tarts

Pumpkin Mousse Napoleon with Chocolate Sauce

Raspberry Danish Twists

Crispy Pears

White and Dark Chocolate Straws




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