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  • Chocolate Dessert
    A dessert. The crowning achievement of every fabulous meal. You want to make it special, make it memorable, and have it be tasty...
  • Health Benefits of Chocolate
    The article entitled “Chocolate’s Potential Health Benefits – and It’s Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients”...
  • Chocolate Valentine's Gift
    Sweetheart's definition? Darling, one who is loved. What would we do without these people in our lives that mean the world...
  • Valentine's Chocolate
    Remind your partner that they are the love of your life. How? With chocolate. With delicious and fabulous and excessively...
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate
    Do you need an inspiration for your inner Cupid this year? Has the brainstorm of ideas come up flat? Let come...
  • Chocolate Truffles
    There is, perhaps, no more popular confection in the world of chocolate than the truffle. Chocolate Truffles, even the phrase...
  • Chocolate Gift Basket
    Don’t be a grinch Go to, the world’s easiest and best place to buy fine chocolate, and purchase a great chocolate gift basket today...
  • Christmas Chocolate Basket
    Are you out of gift ideas? No clue as to what to give friends this year? Just consider the latest Christmas gift-giving trend...
  • Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket
    There are Twelve Days of Christmas or so the traditional old story goes. So why not assemble a Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket...
  • Chocolate Christmas Gift
    Leave dashing to the reindeer and take it easy with! Enjoy shopping through all of our chocolate confections,...
  • Corporate Holiday Gift
    A corporate holiday gift is a "must do" in the world of business relationships. And is here to help. "For...
  • Corporate Chocolate Gifts
    “C. Roe Goddard thought he understood local customs. Turns out, he told a group of Chinese businessmen to drop dead.” This...
  • Corporate Chocolate Gift Baskets
    In “How to Keep Your Employees Happy Without Paying Them More”, Shoeb Hakem gives voice to a concern all business leaders...
  • Corporate Gift Baskets
    Corporate Gift Baskets Are you looking for a way to stand out from your competitors? You’ve seen the articles such as “Gifting:...
  • Send Chocolate
    Thank you. Two simple words that convey gratitude to a giver. But have you ever wished that you had a really special way,...
  • Give Christmas Chocolate
    A look at an article that examines commonly held chocolate beliefs.
  • Order Chocolate is the perfect source for all of your dessert needs. From personal gifts to corporate gifts, to providing confections...
  • Corporate Gift
    Perfect your corporate image with a distinct and tasteful corporate gift. Whether you're a start-up business or you have a large...
  • Buy Chocolate
    Are you yearning for something you can really sink your sweet tooth into? Then join the rest of us, and let a real chocolatier...
  • Fine Chocolate
    The taste of fine chocolate could very well be one of the great flavor mysteries of our lifetime. Popular Science Magazine's...
  • Christmas Gift, Mistletoe
    The origins of Mistletoe, the origins of the poinsettia plant, and of course Chocolate Christmas Gifts.
  • Gourmet Chocolate
    When you hear the word "chocolate" your heart may skip a beat. If so, chocolate lover, good news, you have found your Motherland.
  • The Corporate Christmas Gift
    Is it your task to find that perfect corporate Christmas gift this year? And have you, perchance, googled, and seen the 3,794...
  • The Health Benefits of Almonds
    Almonds are a member of the stone fruit family, which also includes peaches, plums and nectarines. While largely a product of California today, almonds originated millions of years ago from central and southwest Asia. According to The Economic Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), more than half of the almonds consumed in our country are ingredients in manufactured goods such as marzipan, confections, chocolates, cereals, snacks and ice cream. Another quarter of the almonds purchased are used for in-home consumption or for baking purposes, and the last quarter are used by food service outlets such as restaurants or bakeries.
  • The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
    An article by Chocolaterie Wanders & Dietitian Alison Sturm The benefits of eating chocolate may be more than just its great taste...
  • Chocolate Drink History
    In France in the eighteenth century, when chocolate-drinking had become virtually a court ritual, the great ladies of the court...
  • Chocolate, The Drink
    Information about the chocolate drink first discovered by people of Latin America.
  • Types of Chocolate
    Nibs, which are the "meat" of cracked, roasted cocoa beans, are the source of all chocolate and cocoa and cocoa butter. These...
  • Chocolate Pods
    Information about the actual source of chocolate in the natural world: chocolate pods.
  • Chocolate Arrives In America
    Information about when chocolate first arrived in North America.
  • Behind The Word 'Chocolate'
    The word chocolate comes from a combination of Mexican Indian words, the most probable being xoco (meaning sour) and atl (meaning...
  • Chocolate and the Aztecs
    Historical information regarding the Aztecs and their use of chocolate.
  • Our Guarantee
    Product Quality If you are not completely satisfied with the quality of the product, we will provide a full refund. Please...
  • Santa Claus and Christmas History
    The image of Santa Claus with a red suit and a big belly was created by people in the United States in the 1800's. In this country,...
  • Christmas Chocolate
    We asked our visitors to send their stories of chocolate and Christmas. We asked "how does your family serve chocolate during...
  • Assorted Chocolate Facts
    Here are some assorted chocolate facts for your enjoyment. Please note, this reading is best enjoyed with a mouth-full of chocolate. On...
  • Chocolate-Dipped Shortbread Triangles
    %!editor_image name="shortbread" /!% Ingredients 2 cups (4 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature1 cup granulated...
  • Taste of the Tropics: Island desserts that will take you away
    %!editor_image name="flan" /!% Food Styling by M. Lynne MillerRecipes by M. Lynne Miller • photography by John Uher Early...
  • Homemade Ice Cream — Fresh, Smooth, Simple
    With its pure, wholesome ingredients, it brings back memories of birthday parties and long summer nights.
  • ‘Semi-frozen’ in Italian means ‘completely good’ in any language
    ‘Semi-frozen’ in Italian means ‘completely good’ in any language
  • All Hallow's Eve
    All Hallow's Eve...
  • Chocolate Harvest
    The autumnal equinox brings cool breezes, changing colors and the rich flavors of the final harvest. Indulge your sweet tooth...
  • Nirvana Belgian Chocolates
    An elegant line of confections imported from Belgium
  • Equus Fine Chocolates
    An elegant collection of classic favorites created by equine artist Donna Goeddaeus
  • How to Melt Chocolate
    Melting chocolate to use as a baking ingredient for candy work or decoration requires gentle heat.
  • Chocolate Tempering
    Tempering chocolate involves melting chocolate and carefully lowering it to a specific temperature.
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  • Chocolate Hanukkah
    Marcy Goldman puts a chocolate twist on her favorite sweets for the Festival of Lights
  • Puff Pastry in a Flash
    Fast-not fussy-recipes using 6 ingredients or less
  • Pot Luck
    Ready in well under an hour, pots de crème are silky smooth and extravagantly rich - an elegant finish to any civilized meal
  • Nothing is smoother than...Mousse
    %!editor_image name="mousse" /!%First of all, when making chocolate mousse, always use a high-quality chocolate. Store-bought...
  • Modjeska Magic
    Our favorite marshmallow sweet has a creamy caramel coating and a theatrical pedigree
  • Kee's Chocolate
    Nestled in SoHo, among New York's charming boutiques and specialty markets, Kee's Chocolates is a true find.
  • Go Loco
    Traditional Mexican chocolate travels north of the border
  • Espresso, Express!
    This time of year, when the weather works its way from warm to sweltering, coffee sales in the United States grind, oddly enough, to a near halt.
  • Cupcake Coup
    Who can resist the charming allure of a cupcake - the nostalgia, the variety, and the perfect individual serving all contained in one cute little package? Elinor Klivans shares five luscious recipes...
  • Couture Chocolate
    Choco Choco House's miniature chocolate renditions of fashionable bags are the creation of Aliya Wali. Wali, a self-taught pastry...
  • Chocolate By The Numbers
    %!editor_image name="dark_choco" /!%"Chocolate percentage" is an imposing phrase thrown around loosely among chocolate connoisseurs.
  • Baking Expert Carole Walter Offers Up Five Delightfully Unexpected Additions to Your Holiday Cookie Collection
    The holidays are a time when we take a step back to appreciate family traditions that we rarely find time to observe during the rest of the year.
  • Baking 101
    The holidays can be a stressful time of year. We recommend three cookbooks—by Roland Mesnier, Lori Longbotham and David Lebovitz—which can turn a holiday baking frenzy into a relaxing experience with sugar, butter and eggs.
  • About Us
    What We Offer features handmade, artisan, and gourmet chocolate gifts from world-class chocolate vendors.
  • Chocolate Prices in Danger of Rising
    There may be bad news for chocolate lovers: A dramatic increase of chocolate consumption in Asia, combined with a destructive...
  • Enjoy Easter Candy This Weekend... Just Not With Pets
    Consumption of certain cocoa products could have awful side effects for dogs.
  • Love In Disguise
    Delicious artisan chocolates are a labor of love for this Chocolatier
  • Harmony Sweets
    %!editor_image name="logo" /!%Harmony Sweets is a personalized, upscale international e-commerce confectionery shop. This unique...
  • Harbor Sweets
    An old fashioned candy maker with nautical appeal
  • Translucent Chocolates
    Dynamic colors meet rich chocolate for a modern twist on party favors
  • Dorado Chocolates
    The freshest ingredients mean big chocolate taste.