New Baby Joy

Every new baby really is wonderful beyond words, but behind every wonderful beyond words baby is a wonderfully exhausted new mom. So what is the best Premium Ultra-Deluxe Mom Fuel? It’s CHOCOLATE, of course! makes it easy to choose, pay and have your much-appreciated sentiment delivered straight baby and mom. Several considerate and tasteful selections can be found among our New Baby Gift category. Along with baby’s new blanket, include our Cookies and Cream Bark. This snowy white thickness of chocolate is filled with oodles of America’s classic Oreos. Mmm, what in the world could be better?

Our Raspberry Chocolate Fudge Brownies have Mommie written all over them. Have them delivered to the new baby’s home as a special Welcome and Congratulations surprise.

Cookies, my goodness, cookies! These Half-Dipped Chocolate Chunk Cookies are completely Vegan and are made using only Organic ingredients. Jessie and Alfredo of Eatpastry know that consuming lots of saturated fats, as found in most conventional grocery store chocolates, can leave you feeling heavy and lethargic. Therefore they have devised methods and recipes using healthy fats, such as those in nuts and seeds, that energize and replenish the body. This last little bit translated? It’s a perfect gift for the occasion.

Trust any of the New Baby suggestions for a truly appreciated and thoughtful gift.