Mother's Day Gift

You’ve done the fuzzy robe and slippers. Her kitchen is bursting with more cooking paraphernalia than a restaurant. And the Spa idea? The aromatherapy “smells” gave her a headache and she didn’t like people touching her feet. A Mother’s Day gift that mom will not only like but love? Chocolate!

How easy is this? Go to and make your selection from over 1450 vendors from 49 states across the USA! If you’re thinking about it, they have it!

Just for instance, let’s go to the Brownies Category. Even though we’re talking about mom, these aren't the brownies she used to make. Wouldn’t she love some Pineapple and Rum Brownies? These Celesola brownies start with dried pineapple marinated for several weeks in the finest Bacardi Gold rum, and are then mixed with pure dark chocolate and macadamia nuts for a rich fudgy taste that’s guaranteed to satisfy. They are wrapped in an elegant black and green gift box and tied with white organza ribbon. Now that’s a Mother’s Day gift!

The Three Box Gift Stack starts with a 24-pc. box of our award-winning fresh cream gourmet bonbons. Flavors are a variety of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. The medium box contains traditional English toffee: sinfully buttery, crunchy, and dipped in creamy milk chocolate and generously covered with roasted, crushed nuts. The stack is topped with a small box of squirtles, our square-shaped turtle made of buttery, chewy caramel and toasted pecans, covered in dark chocolate. Wouldn't Mom love it?

Perhaps the Chocolates in Box with Sliding Drawer looks like something mom would enjoy as a Mother’s Day gift. This chocolatier; L' Artisan du Chocolat, received multiple International Awards at the San Francisco International Chocolate Show 2007. Included were 4 Gold awards, 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze.

Remember as an easy way to wrap up all your gift needs for every occasion. With a few clicks, everything from the wrapping to the gift note to the delivery of your chocolate bounty is taken care of for you. Yes, for every occasion, but especially for Mom. Let her put her feet up, take this Chocolate Trivia Test and eat chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate!