Mother's Day Chocolate

A mushy card? A teddy bear? A little pink balloon heart on the end of a plastic stick? Not on your life! She’s your Mom so you'll want to be shopping for the best Mother’s Day chocolate! is the perfect place for finding all kinds of chocolate. It is an artisan’s marketplace for chocolatiers from all across the country, and a quick glance in the Chocolate Truffle category, for instance, yields dozens and dozens of luscious choices for mom. A beautiful choice is the Red Pearl Truffle Box from Leonidas Chocolaterie. This is a red deluxe box with gold lining filled with an assortment of 27 pearl truffles in 3 layers; dark, milk and white. Now there’s no description for it except, “Yum!”

Our 15 Piece Chocoholic’s Dream Come True is from Belgique Truffle Gateau. Famous in the Napa and Sonoma wine regions of California as the "unofficial" wine-tasting chocolate, the Truffle Gateau is soft in texture which makes a perfect pairing while sipping fine wine. The dark chocolates are wonderfully paired with red wine and the milk chocolates are a perfect compliment to fine white wine.

Just look at our Springtime Delights, our Wildflower Iced Sugar Cookies and our perfect item for the Bug Collector! All of these cookie baskets are made by A Dozen Eggs, and are delivered fresh, cheerful and oh, so colorful to mom on her special day.

Now, with your Mother’s Day chocolate problem solved by, you can settle down and watch a good movie. And what a movie it is: Making Chocolate. Perhaps you’d better order some for yourself as well.