Modjeska Magic

People have long been inspired by the arts. But in 1883, one particular Kentucky native took things a bit further than most. After viewing a performance of Henrick Ibsen's play A Doll House, local candy maker Anton Busath was so enthralled with Polish actress Helena Modjeska's performance that he sought permission to name his latest confection - a caramel-wrapped marshmallow - in her honor. Thus, the Modjeska made its debut.
 In 1889 Busath granted an acquaintance, Rudolph Bauer, permission to produce his own version of the sweet: "The Caramel Biscuit." Almost 60 years later, when the Busath Candy Company was forced to close its doors following a fire, Bauer's creations were re-christened by the public as Modjeskas. Bauer's Candies thus became the exclusive producers of the individually wrapped, hand-dipped treats.

These days, Rudolph's great-granddaughter Anna Bauer Satterwhite is at the helm, marking the first time a female has ever guided Bauer's Candies. Production under her leadership has grown to fifteen 60-pound batches a day, and the confections can be purchased through such national outlets as Cracker Barrel and Williams-Sonoma. We anticipate they'll soon be turning out even greater quantities, as word continues to spread that there's even more to Kentucky than its blue grass and Bourbon.

Bauer's Candies is located at 1103 Dylan Drive, Lawrenceburg, KY;; 1-502-839-3700.