Homemade Ice Cream — Fresh, Smooth, Simple

Homemade Ice Cream — Fresh, Smooth, Simple


Stop standing in front of your grocer’s freezer with your nose pressed against the cold glass, staring, searching, hoping a fresh new flavor has been invented that will help you create a special ending to a satisfying meal or
dinner party. Instead, create your own ice cream at home based on your palate, not your grocer’s.

Ice cream, which has been enjoyed for centuries, and is rumored to have traveled from China to Italy with Marco Polo, is quite possibly the perfect comfort food. With its pure, wholesome ingredients, it brings back memories of birthday parties and long summer nights.And with the new automated ice cream makers on the market, making your own at home no longer means resigning yourself to an arm-breaking task. Whether you’re working with a top-of-the-line built-in compressor unit model, a manual or electric canister unit, or even a simple ice-and-rock-salt machine, preparing ice cream is guaranteed to be almost as much fun as eating it. Making homemade ice cream with kids can be a great activity, particularly since no sharp knives are required.

Not only are you not confined to traditional flavors, but since it won’t have that extra air in it like those commercial types do, you can expect your homemade ice cream to be denser, smoother and creamier. And of course, we don’t need to tell you that there’s no comparison to the taste of fresh ice cream. After all, what makes homemade ice cream so great is not just the endless flavors you can invent, but the freshness and quality of the produce you use.

We’ve included a White Chocolate Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream recipe (extra-decadent with white chocolate shavings), aCoconut Ice Cream (rolled in toasted coconuts, served with sautéed bananas), a Chocolate Peanut Butter Nib Ice Cream (a combination of two classics, served in a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl), a Strawberry Stracciatella Ice Cream (extra-smooth with a “milky way” effect, served on a pizzelle) and  Cinnamon Ice Cream (served between oatmeal raisin or snickerdoodle cookies, for a not-your-average ice cream cookie dessert).
Creating these wonderful desserts is really quite easy, but we promise to understand if from time-to-time we still see you making that occasional mad dash to the local store for a pint of chocolate.

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