Health Benefits of Chocolate

The article entitled “Chocolate’s Potential Health Benefits – and It’s Effect on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients” takes us a little further down the road of discovery about the health benefits of chocolate. At the AAAS’s (American Association of the Advancement of Science) meeting in Boston, evidence was presented that showed chocolate may indeed keep your blood pressure down, keep your blood flowing, and keep your heart healthy. After reading this, you are going to want to rush to

Cocoa has flavonols, and the more flavonols you have, the more nitric oxide there is. Now nitric oxide is the good guy in the area of heart health. And chocolate actually can reproduce the effects of the baby aspirin that lots of people are taking. It can increase the blood flow all around to prevent strokes and heart attacks. But of course, the doctors don’t want us to discontinue medications and start eating chocolate bars instead. Darn. We surely could find the chocolate bars.

The health benefit of chocolate is clearly apparent in it’s amount of antioxidants. Those wonderful flavonoids again, are more powerful than many vitamins. And just to sum it all up in an easy to remember applicable statement from Harvard School of Public Health: a person who eats chocolate up to 3 times each month lives almost a year longer than a person who steers clear of chocolate and sweets altogether!

So remember, has all the “vitamins” you need. Many, many wonderful "vitamins," in fact! Maybe you could start in the Dark Chocolate section. Word has it that extra flavonoids and nitric oxide are hanging out there today.

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