Graduate Gift Basket

Graduates. The last fun thing they might get to do is throw that mortar board hat in the air. Heaven knows the working world is a beast, and that's if they find a job. So make their fun last a little longer. Be a pal. Go to and buy them a Graduation Gift Basket. It won't hurt you, and hey, you've got a job.

The Chocolate Blues Gift Basket would be great. The Chocolate Seashells, Dark Pastilles, French Truffles, Ghiradelli Chocolate Bars, Lindt Lindoor Truffles and Bars, Perugina Baci Chocolates, Chocolate-covered Peanut Clusters and the Harry and David Moose Munch, and lots more chocolate stuff can console them through those long pavement pounding months ahead.

What about the Grand Edition Gourmet Food Basket? It has real food in it, like Wine Flavored Cheese, rich Chocolate Decadence Cake, savory Italian Salami, Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies, decadent Belgian Chocolate truffles, Stone Ground Mustard, Sesame Crackers, Black Peppercorn Crackers, and on and on. You know they can’t afford groceries, so at least they’ll eat.

They’re young, now they have the diploma, hey, they think the world is their oyster. Send them the You're A Star Gourmet Food Gift Basket. Let them feel good about themselves with this Graduation Gift Basket from All that food inside can’t hurt either.

Alright, good for you. It’s a gift better than money. You know they’ll just blow that at a fancy restaurant or on another pair of those high-dollar jeans. Ah – we don’t want to even know.

Use your head. Use your diploma. You did get a diploma, didn't you? Buy a gift basket at

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