Gourmet Gift Basket

A Gourmet Gift Basket is often the answer for your gift-giving needs. And how easy! Chocolate.org always has a great selection of gift baskets ready and waiting, just for you!

Do you need to thank a colleague from work? Congratulate someone’s promotion? Celebrate a milestone in business or celebrate a personal occasion? Consider the Gourmet Gift Baskets found in the Gift Basket category of Chocolate.org!

The Wellfleet Basket is made by the Wellfleet Candy Company, and contains a bit of each of the many specialties for which they are known. Finally, our Romantic Fox Hunt Picnic Basket definitely brings a different, outdoorsy touch. It’s for elegant equestrians, or for wooing your favorite fox hunter.

Which brings us ‘round to our jolly old friends across the pond. The most venerable of all food purveyors in London: Fortnum and Mason,still located in Piccadilly as they have been for quite many a year, always have their fair share of the Gourmet Gift Basket variety. But as Chocolate.org refers to them as the Gourmet Gift Basket, the British call them Hampers. Quite distasteful, isn’t it? Due to our definition of the word “hamper” and the thought of what is stored in said item. But carrying on, if one was to drop into Fortnum and Mason for a Chocolate Tasting Box (listed under Hampers), you would see that for only 150 pounds sterling, or over $300 American you could pick it up! Ahhh, the proud owner of 12 chocolates, “a pincer, and a special knife alongside the specimens themselves.” Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? I know I always eat my chocolate with a pincer and a knife!

The moral of this story? Chocolate.org!