Gourmet Chocolate

When you hear the word "chocolate" your heart may skip a beat. If so, chocolate lover, good news, you have found your Motherland. It's called Chocolate.com! The first stop in the Motherland's gourmet chocolate excursion: our Dark Chocolate! These particular Dark Chocolate Truffles are hand-crafted by Knipschildt Chocolatier in Norwalk, CT. With a whopping 70% base of Valrhona and a final roll in cocoa powder, popping one of these is a real gourmet chocolate experience. Next chocolate Motherland stop? The Mezzo Collection, which is an absolute work of art. Painted in delightful colors and designs, this bit of gourmet chocolate is almost too pretty to eat. Almost. And the final experience in our brief Motherland pilgrimage? The Large Assortment in aWooden Keepsake Box. Repeat after me: espresso ganache, whiskey ganache, cherry blossom, pistachio almond and creamy cinnamon ganache. I could continue with port and plum armagnac ganache but I wouldn't want to push you over the edge. German gingerbread ganache. Okay, it was just one more. View many other selections in our Gourmet Chocolate Category. And don't worry about the health effects of eating all this choco-heaven. Just read New Medical Breakthroughs, it will assuage any and all guilt. Now, back to ordering chocolate ...

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