Give Christmas Chocolate

Published November 6, 2007
Are you and your friends thinking of exchanging Christmas chocolate as gifts this year? The New York Guides article "Cuckoo For Cocoa" may be fun for you to read. Do you describe yourselves as chocoholics as well? Dr. Gail Saltz says your addiction is psychological, not physiological. Maybe she's never been to to look around and to purchase Christmas chocolate.

You say you eat a lot of chocolate when you're depressed? And that items like Dark Chocolate Caramels really make you feel better. And especially at Christmas, Christmas chocolate is the best! Dr. Saltz says nope, no research exists to suggest that it raises your serotonin levels.

But it does ease your misery, you insist without negotiation. Just try some Cookies and Cream Bark with big chunks of real Oreos in Christmas chocolate. Okay, all chocolate items do release a few endorphins, according to Dr. Saltz.

What about chocolate and the chemical your brain produces when you're in love? Surely these Chocolate Truffles will make you feel loved. Our hopes dashed again, Dr. Saltz says that's phenylethylamine. It is in very tiny amounts and it never gets to the brain.

So we believe must come to your rescue. There is plenty in the news lately to tout the healthy benefits of modest amounts of the right types of chocolate. So consult, perhaps, the Christmas Chocolate category and browse around and then buy. We all know all the flavonoids will do your bodies good.