Fine Chocolate

The taste of fine chocolate could very well be one of the great flavor mysteries of our lifetime. Popular Science Magazine's article, "The Science of Yummy" describes how scientists identify a food's every molecule, and then recreate it according to it's scientific formula. There's just one problem. The formula has to satisfy the most sensitive flavor detector, and it is attached to your head. Yes, you've heard it before. Only the nose knows. Which brings us to a place that could be called the Nose Heaven of flavor.! Fine chocolate is found within every category you click, but pay special attention to the extra luscious Milk Chocolate section. The beautiful 12 Piece Milk Chocolate Assortment contains Almond Fleur del Sel Toffee, Mint Toffee, Creamy Gianduja Rocher, and Hazelnut Toffee. Obviously the very definition of fine chocolate, especially for the nose. Another wonderful gift is the Classic Chocolate Swan Molded Truffles by Creek House Patisserie. Fine chocolate ganache, which is extraordinarily creamy, is always made from the highest quality ingredients. And aren't the little swans so beautiful as well? The 16 Piece Chef's Assortment created by L'Artisan Du Chocolat of Los Angeles is truly a work of art. This fine chocolate is always preservative free and presented in lovely gift boxes that are totally green. Many more luscious confections are available at Remember this website for your family and friends. Why? Because true, good and pure chocolate does not come from a scientific lab on a molecular level. It comes from real chocolatiers, and the nose always knows.

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