Equus Fine Chocolates

EQUUS FINE CHOCOLATES is a superb brand of chocolates created by equine artist, Donna Goeddaeus. "Fine horses, fine art and fine chocolate just seemed like a natural combination to me, so I created this special line of chocolates called EQUUS. Each box features a portrait inspired by a horse I have known and loved and is filled with exquisite chocolates made exclusively for EQUUS by Chocolatier, Wendy Bath - herself a horse lover. We hope you enjoy them !"

Each confection is made by hand, using only the freshest creams, caramels, nuts and flavorings. Then, one by one, they are hand dipped in rich, creamy European chocolate for a luscious taste experience that lingers on the palate. In addition to beautiful fine art packaging and exquisite chocolates, EQUUS is unique in offering all the time proven classic assortments people have loved for years- Assorted chocolates, Assorted creams, Nut Assortments and Cherry Cordials.