Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Let's take a quick poll. Subject: the creative Christmas gift idea. So, let's begin. Are you the worst Christmas gift-giver ever? Do people moan when you draw their name in the gift exchange? Is a brown paper bag your idea of wrapping paper? Are you the gift bum in the office? And last but not least, do you do the most horrid thing of all? Do you re-gift? is here to save you with creative Christmas gift ideas that will have your friends and neighbors impressed and fa-la-la-ing for more. At last you will be able to hold your head high, with nary a grocery store plastic bag and twist tie wrapped Christmas gift in sight.

Talk about creative Christmas gift ideas! Go to the Chocolate Bar section and choose several bars that are similar. An example? How about Knipschildt Chocolatier's luscious Chocopologie bars? The Burnt Caramel And Hawaiian Sea Salt, the Dark Chocolate Mint and the Mocha Coffee Chocopologie Bar can be stacked and tied with a thick red satin ribbon to make a really special and a very unique and thoughtful gift. If you'd like to carry your gift further, add the Dark Chocolate With Rosewater Chocopologie Bar as an added bit of goodness. Multiply this idea by several times according to the number of friends and family on your gift list.

Is Martha Stewart a novice compared to your mother-in-law? Then consider the items in our Baking Chocolate category. Assemble a Holiday Basket filled with our professional quality Premium Cocoa Sampler, a Premium Chocolate Chip Sampler and a Chocolate Curl And Decoratif Sampler to top things off with a chocolaty Christmas flourish! Voila!

The last of our creative Christmas gift ideas is one they will remember for years. And it is for the chocoholic on your gift list, and we mean the really genuinely serious chocoholic. Here it is, the one and only super appropriate gift: the Bulk Dark Chocolate 11 Lb Bar. Pause. Take it in. Yes. Have you ever seen an 11 pound chocolate bar? It is hard to imagine, so think of this. It's perhaps the size of 2 newborn babies, 2 big bags of flour or sugar, or even a mid-sized Jack Russell Terrier! Absolutely, you would need a huge knife, and no, Santa doesn't deliver these, they weigh too much for his sleigh.

A plethora of Christmas goodness awaits at, and they are all winners, with no duds. Turn over a new leaf this year and be a super gift-giver. Santa will be proud.