Couture Chocolate

Choco Choco House's miniature chocolate renditions of fashionable bags are the creation of Aliya Wali. Wali, a self-taught pastry chef, spent three years making desserts at her parents' restaurant, Dali, in Somerville, MA. After taking a 10-year hiatus from confectionary to run her own toy business, Wali resolved to return to the world of sweets. She began by experimenting with chocolate, but it wasn't until she saw an alligator pattern in a chocolate catalog that she got her big idea - chocolate handbags -to fuse two of her favorite things. 

Less than one year later, Wali's Choco Choco House is turning out an entire line of handmade miniature chocolate handbags that make stylish and delicious gifts for the sweet-toothed and the fashion-conscious. Each chic chocolate creation is inspired by an actual high-fashion handbag. From her Burberry plaid knockoff Cappuccino Bag to her Pravda House of Prada nod, Wali knows her chocolate and her fashion.

Just like their high fashion counterparts, Choco Choco House maintains exclusivity; solid chocolate versions are available at Henri Bendel, but the full confection collection is available only through the Choco Choco House website. 

Choco Choco House's couture chocolate shop is located at 561 Windsor Street in Somerville, MA 02143;; 617-718-0946.
- Lauren Salkeld


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