Christmas Chocolate

Christmas Chocolate

We asked our visitors to send their stories of chocolate and Christmas. We asked "how does your family serve chocolate during the Christmas season?" What unique traditions do you have that involve chocolate. We received some wonderful answers that could even put The Grinch in the Christmas spirit.

Every year around December 20th or so, we meet at my parent's house for a gift exchange. We always do it several days in advance of Christmas because we have various destinations on Christmas day and it's really the only time we can all get together. My dad always puts on a CD of Country music (christmas songs). We sit around the kitchen table and exchange gifts. At first people gave all sorts of things: clothes, electronics, stuff like that. But in the last 4 or 5 years, everything is edible. So we eat dinner, and then we open gifts that are tasty treats! It's almost always chocolate. Chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, chocolate fudge. Sometimes it's homemade stuff, sometimes not. But basically, we sit there and indulge in the greatest dessert food ever made. It's always a night full of laughter and it makes me nostalgic just thinking about it.
- Candace, Troy, NY

We make chocolate dumplings every christmas eve. We call them chocolate dumplings but there is probably a better word for it. They are sort of like truffles, but they have a cake consistency on the inside and are bigger than truffles. My sister wanted the chocolate recipe, but my mother told her she would never be able to write it down because there are too many steps. I'm pretty sure it's just her way of keeping it private. She makes the cake batter from scratch and does the chocolate parafin wax stuff too. My mother decorates the kitchen with christmas garland and puts a few mistletoe around the house too. The husbands/sons/nephews are not allowed in the kitchen when we're making the chocolate dumplings, so the mistletoe doesn't get much use! But my favorite memories are made at christmas time every year and chocolate is certainly a big part of that.
- Mila, San Mateo, CA

My mother makes chocolate fudge for Christmas. We all get a box of it on Christmas morning. When I was in elementary school, it wasn't my favorite gift because I was more interested in toys. But now that I'm in high school, it's actually like the best gift I get every year. Last year I got into my brother's box because he left it on the kitchen table. You gotta guard the chocolate fudge like your life depends on it. My family is ruthless!
- Doug, Manchester, NH

We decorate our christmas tree with chocolate popcorn. Chocolate popcorn is actually very easy to make. We string it up, decorate the tree. Then a few days later it all gets eaten. Sort of gross, I know, but it's really fun. Christmas is a wonderful time in our family. It's really the only time where everybody slows down and recognizes the wonderful people in their lives. It's so peaceful.
- Sven, Yonkers, NY

Chocolate gifts are really the best gifts you could ever want to receive. We give christmas chocolate to all of our neighbors and friends because we know that it will be appreciated. The best thing about giving a box of chocolates is that it can be enjoyed piece by piece, little by little, like the company of our loved ones. It's got such a friendly quality in that regard - unpredictable (like Forrest Gump reminds us) and always exciting. For many years, we would prepare the boxes of chocolate ourselves. We would purchase bulk chocolate, and then come up with creative box ideas and fill them by hand. Sometimes we'd even drop-in a holiday gift note or something. My daughter also has been known to add a little artistic touch to each gift box. In recent years, we have been purchasing the gift boxes (like the ones we bought through your site)
- Emily E. Carlisle, MA

My favorite christmas memory is making cookies and chocolate candies with my mother. She was really an incredible cook. We would sit around in the kitchen drinking egg nog and listening to Patsy Cline while she shuffled around the kitchen in a green corduroy apron with a reindeer on the front. Nobody dared to interfere with her baking because she was so methodical about it. I was always surprised by how clean the kitchen was while she worked. When I make a simple dinner at my apartment I make a big mess. When she baked for hours and hours, it was always sparkling clean. My mother was really the reason that Christmas was so special in our family. She never stopped working to make things right. The chocolate christmas candies were really a small part of the big christmas picture. A wonderful memory overall.
- Rita-Claire, San Antonio, TX

Chocolate truffles, chocolate truffles, how I love chocolate truffles! I love em in all flavors, shapes and sizes. I get a few boxes every year from students because I'm a fourth grade teacher and the class knows how much I appreciate a good chocolate christmas gift. I fill up a glass bowl near my front door for guests during the christmas season, but the funny thing is that I usually end up eating most of them! Merry Christmas!
- Steve, Redwood City, CA

"Visions of sugarplums danced in their heads." That's pretty much how it is in our household on Christmas. Only the thing is, it's chocolate, not sugarplums. I'm not even really sure what sugarplums are, but I'm pretty sure I've never had one. We are a big-time chocolate family. The stockings are always jam packed with chocolate. My personal favorite is the peanut butter cups, but I'll eat pretty much anything. My wife loves chocolate with almonds. So, that's the way it goes. Chocolate wrappers on the floor during our gift opening on Christmas morning. It's a great time for chocolate in our household.
- Felipe J., Austin, TX

Ok, I don't have any chocolate christmas memories per say but I do have some suggestions for chocolate christmas songs: "We wish you a chocolate Christmas, we wish you a Chocolate Christmas and a happy new year." "Have yourself a Chocolate covered Christmas." And of course, "I'm Dreaming of a Chocolate Christmas." Ok, I realize these are lame, but it's the Christmas season, i'm feeling the good cheer, and I just wanted to participate in your survey!
- Dan S., Wilmington, NC

We have two cakes to choose from after Christmas dinner. One is a fruit cake that my great aunt always brings - not my favorite actually. The other is a dark chocolate cake with layers of chocolate mousse and chunks of dark chocolate. My sister was a culinary arts major in college and she makes the chocolate cake. It is to die for. I don't have a recipe or anything like that, but I can say that Christmas dinner would not be complete without her chocolate cake. We usually sprinkle with red and green sprinkles to give it a perfect holiday look. Merry christmas to you.
- Phyllis, East Lansing, MI

Chocolate is a very special part of Christmas for me. Hot chocolate, of course, is one of my favorite things. I'll be spending Christmas with some friends in the city this year, and won't be able to make it home, so I will definitely brew some hot chocolate with marshmallow. It reminds me of my dad. But chocolate and christmas also go together in my mind because I like to make chocolate frosted chocolate cookies with christmas designs on top (made out of frosting). My girlfriends have come over the past couple years to help me decorate them and we have a great time. Santa, rudolph, you name it. My recent memories of Christmas have been very special to me and I have been very lucky to spend them with friends who are quite wonderful.
- Annamarie, Staten Island, NY

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