Chocolate Wedding Favor

A little surprise, a token of thanks, a sweet memento. All these describe the most thoughtful gesture concerning weddings to come along in years: the chocolate wedding favor.

Informed brides know that counting on just “picking up” your chocolate wedding favor at the store on the corner 3 days before the wedding isn’t the greatest idea! Just as with all other details in weddings, it is always best to start a bit early. But don't worry! It's as easy as contacting! With so many different types of chocolate favors available, it will truly be a task for you to choose!

Start down the aisle towards the Chocolate Wedding Favors category. offers this Two Piece Favor Box which is elegantly crafted of embossed linen and filled with our inspired artisan chocolates.

Kiss your groom over this lovely Four Piece Favor Box. Beautifully presented, and holding truly delicious chocolates inside, this would be an ideal thank you for special guests or friends. A Two Piece Favor Box is also available.

It’s off on the honeymoon with this Crunchy Praline Chocolate Bar. Your guests will love this chocolate wedding favor. It’s a rich chocolate bar made by blending decadent dark chocolate and praline then drizzling with white chocolate and topping it off with hazelnuts! It is then packaged in a hand made paper pillow box. Just right!

So begin by reading Bridal Guide's Favor Guide. Then stop by a bit early, and revel in our selection of over 1500 products. Dream about each for a day or two, then make your selection. Your favors will be the hit of the party for the guests.

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