Chocolate Truffles

There is, perhaps, no more popular confection in the world of chocolate than the truffle. Chocolate Truffles, even the phrase makes a chocoholic sit up and take notice. And as many varieties of people there are, so are there truffle varieties. Does a Goat Cheese Chocolate Truffle sound like something you’d enjoy? has many truffle options for you to peruse. So you might consider preparing yourself for the onslaught that is to come. This Dark Truffle Selection consists of 6 different variations, all in a dark truffle ganache with 72% cacao. These Spiced Pecan Molded Truffles are bittersweet and contain maple syrup, cayenne and cinnamon. Cranberry and raspberry flavors crafted in the European style describe these Cranberry and Raspberry Truffles. And finally, if you can’t make up your mind between the many flavors, this assorted collection has come to your aid. The Sampler Shipper contains just what it describes: a sample of each flavor for those who simply cannot decide. offers the best in selection and quality of Chocolate Truffles. You can feel comfortable when ordering for yourself , or for friends.

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