Chocolate Easter Sunday

Lent may be a period of forgiveness for Christians, a chance to make up for sins from the past year - but for those in the chocolate business, it's the calm before the delicious storm.

While Valentine's Day is the nation's busiest holiday for sales of chocolate candy, Easter isn't far behind. Kathy Logsdon, owner of Kathy's Homemade Kandies in downtown Lafayette, LA, says that people "can get more vicious the closer they get to Easter." After six weeks of eschewing Oreos, candy bars and other sweets, they cannot wait until Easter Sunday arrives.

These Christians aren't dieting, of course, they're sacrificing. In doing so, they believe they are taking their everyday lives to a better, holier place. Owners of chocolate shops may not agree.

Sales typically decline after February 14 and then especially drop during Lent, although influence of the latter can be more difficult to determine because these sacrifices are usually made by Catholics only.

"Thank goodness for Baptists, Presbyterians and Methodists!" Dennis McIntosh said, co-owner of Wolf's Fine Handmade Chocolates.

After abstaining for six weeks, it often seems like the deprived try to make up for it all during one Sunday. Easter gifts and chocolate flies off the shelves. The reward for those dedicated to this higher, spiritual cause can often be measured in brownies and cakes.