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Chocolate is an excellent way to express appreciation on a wedding anniversary. If you are showing your love and dedication to your spouse, give a fancy box of truffles. Married couples rely on their family and friends keep wedding days alive in memory. Send a gift that shows you remember. Maybe you can find an item in our catalog that reminds you of the wedding theme. Where did the wedding take place? Seashore, country, mountain, or city? offers many gifts with a theme and our goal is to match your occasion. Looking for something specific? In that case, we recommend using our search box at the top of every page. We hope you and/or your loved one enjoy the celebration of marriage. 
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 Decorated Chocolate Heart Valentines:Large Decorated Chocolate heart (hollow) made from the finest milkless chocolate. Also nut free, gluten and egg free.
 Share The Health:Healthy wishes abound with this large array of fresh fruits and treats to share with the entire group...
New This Week!
 I Miss You So Much Cubic Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
New This Week!
 To The Man I Love Cubic Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
 Classic Planters Peanut Tm Bouquet:This Classic Planters Peanut Bouquet is arranged on top of a full, 12 oz can of Planters Peanuts. There are 11 fun size chocolate bars or comparable sized candies, 3 large chocolate bars or candy packages. This bouquet is finished off with a curly ribbon and bow and wrapped in a cellophane bag.
 Pecan Lover's Milk Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:Send 'em a cookie they'll go nuts over! This Giant Gourmet Fortune Cookie is hand-dipped in their favorite Belgian Chocolates and decorated with premium extra-fancy pecans.
 Wedding Dark Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:A Wedding Giant Fortune Cookie is a unique and original way to send them good fortune! Perfect for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Engagements and More! They make great Wedding Invitations and Announcements too!
 Just Chocolate N Caramel Hand Dipped Gourmet Fortune Cookies:Don't ever settle for ordinary fortune cookies again! Our crisp vanilla fortune cookies are fresh baked and dipped in your favorite Belgian Chocolates and Caramel!
 Coconut Sensation Dark Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:Yummy Dark Belgian Chocolate topped with tender sweet shredded coconut -a perfect combination!
 Wedding Chocolate Oreos:Lady Fortunes® Wedding Chocolate Oreo® Cookies are perfect for Bridal Showers or Weddings! They're wrapped in Belgian Chocolates and decorated with hand-crafted Royal Icing Decorations!
 12 Belgian Chocolate Covered Macaroons Gift Box:A dozen of delightful delicate Macaroons, hand-dipped in decadent milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolates, with an abundance of Coconut flavor. These delicious Macaroons are a unique and distinctive gift for many occasions. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered Company gift box perfect for giving.
 6 Wedding Pears Bride And Groom Chocolate Covered Pears Gift Box: These gourmet pears are designed to look like a bride in her dress and a groom in his tuxedo. The Bride wears a gown of imported Belgian White Chocolate. The groom pairs a tuxedo white chocolate shirt with Belgian Dark Chocolate vest and a jaunty bow tie. A beautiful collaboration between art and beauty. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries,...

Classic Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Wands
 Classic Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Wands:Our Classic Chocolate & Caramel Pretzel Wands will cast a sweet spell on you...they're crisp Bavarian Pretzels hand-dipped in decorated in fine Belgian Chocolates, Caramel and Toffee.
Almond Toffee 2 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered
 Almond Toffee 2 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered:Ruth's Fine Almond Toffee, covered with dark chocolate
Almond Toffee 3 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered
 Almond Toffee 3 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered:Ruth's Fine Almond Toffee, covered with dark chocolate
12 Belgian Chocolate Covered Mini Cheesecakes  Gift Box
 12 Belgian Chocolate Covered Mini Cheesecakes Gift Box:A Cheesecake Lovers Dream. 12 Creamy Mini-Cheesecakes hand-dipped in rich Belgian milk, dark, and white Chocolate flavors. This assortment is sure to satisfy even the most meticulous Cheesecake lover. Arrives in an elegant Chocolate Covered Company gift box perfect for giving.
Wedding Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Twists
 Wedding Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Twists:Crisp, sweet & salty Bavarian- Style Pretzel Twists dipped in your favorite Chocolates & Caramels and decorated for a Happy Birthday!
Heart Sprinkles Chocolate Dipped Mini Krispies
 Heart Sprinkles Chocolate Dipped Mini Krispies:An old time favorite- our Rice Krispies® Bites are dressed in Belgian Chocolate and hand decorated!
Chocolate Heart Box W/ Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies
 Chocolate Heart Box W/ Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies:Chocolate Heart Box w/ Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, 17oz Milk Chocolate 100 % eatable Box with 6 foiled Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies in red and silver. Packaged in a cello bag with red ribbon. Great Valentine, Mother's Day, or anytime Gift to say I Love You to that someone special.
Chocolate Pair Box With Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies
 Chocolate Pair Box With Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies:A Chocolate Box in the shape of a Pear filled with 7 Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies foiled in Red and Silver. Great gift to tell any wonderful Pair (couple, parents) how much you love them. This is a Great Valentine Day or Anniversary gift. WE DO MAKE A WONDERFUL PAIR!!!!!!!
Wedding Gourmet Fortune Cookies
 Wedding Gourmet Fortune Cookies:Wedding Fortune Cookies bring good fortune to any Wedding or Bridal Shower! Delight them with a tantalizing assortment of Belgian Chocolate, Caramel and Confection Dipped Cookies -they're complete with Love Messages!
Lil' Angels White Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie
 Lil' Angels White Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie:A picture is worth a thousand words- tell them how fortune-ate you are to have them in your life with this edible work of art!
Turtles Giant 1 Lb Milk Chocolate Covered
These turtles were delicious! My father loved them, and he's had many a turtle in his life. They came packaged beautifully and were in excellent condition upon arrival. I reccomend them.  - Amanda Payne
 Turtles Giant 1 Lb Milk Chocolate Covered:Caramel and pecans, covered in milk chocolate. Quantity in box will vary depending on size of turtles.
Heart Sprinkles Pretzel Wands
 Heart Sprinkles Pretzel Wands:These Heart Sprinkles Pretzel Wands are a perfect way to show your love!

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