About Us

What We Offer
Chocolate.org features handmade, artisan chocolate gifts from world-class chocolate vendors. We bring together the chocolate chef and the gift buyer to form a unique marketplace.

Our Philosophy
We believe that the finest chocolate is found in small chocolate shops around the globe. We celebrate the fact that every chef has a unique approach. In many cases, our vendors provide a product that is more fresh, more artistic, and less common than factory-made chocolate.

Supporting Small Businesses
When customers order chocolate from our network, they support a small American business. We are proud of the fact that we help to promote small companies in the USA and Canada.

Our Vendors
Our wonderful vendors enable us to offer a wide range of products: Dark chocolate, truffles, chocolate covered popcorn and many varieties in-between. We believe that there is something for everybody in our vast collection of gifts. With shipping locations that span the map, Chocolate.org is able to offer local delivery to most locations.

Our Employees
Our company is made up of a small team of chocolate enthusiasts, software developers and customer support representatives based in Boston, MA. We focus on helping customers, finding exciting chocolate creations, and improving our automated systems to provide reliability to buyer and seller.

Our Customer Service
Happy customers are the foundation of our marketplace. We enjoy showing customers that we are the trusted source for chocolate. We manage the shipping and delivery process to ensure that the customer receives what he/she paid for. We are proud to focus on the customer while the chocolate chef focuses on fulfillment. Chocolate.org is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Shopping Features
Chocolate.org caters to the gift buyer. We allow the customer to select a delivery date that fits his/her needs, ship to multiple recipients, and include a gift note. Customers have the option to browse by shipping location, category, product ingredients, or product rating.

Our Press
Chocolate.org has been featured in Business Week, CBS Television's "The Price is Right", and The Boston Globe/Boston.com food editorial "Dishing." For more information about Chocolate.org press coverage, please see our press.

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