How it Works

Chocolate of the Month Club


When you place an order for the Chocolate of the Month Club, you are buying a chocolate subscription. A new chocolate product will be delivered to your door (or the door of your gift recipient) on a regular basis until the subscription is completed. Once the order is placed, the process is simple: Eat, enjoy, repeat!

Options To Fit Your Needs

You will have the option to choose a subscription that fits your needs: select your price range, select the total number of products, and the best schedule for delivery.

Gift Presentation

The Chocolate of the Month Club makes a perfect gift for any occasion: Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays and saying "Thank You." If you are purchasing a gift subscription, you will have the option to print a certificate or send an email to the recipient.
View a Sample of Printable Gift Certificate

Shipping Included

All of the Chocolate of the Month Club subscriptions include shipping at a discounted rate. For best delivery results, we require that all shipments are scheduled to arrive on a Thursday. Due to hot weather conditions, shipments that would be normally be scheduled to arrive in June, July, or August will be moved to September.

How to Order

  1. Select a subscription type
  2. Select start date
  3. Change number of months (changes total cost)
  4. Select Gift Note Option
  5. Enter Payment
  6. Confirm Your Order